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November 12 2014

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Miniature hyperrealistic paintings by Dina Brodsky

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Visual Forecast simulated in a box

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November 04 2014

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Nemuriale Sleep Aid Puppy

Sometimes you might be feeling a bit stressed and wish you could have a proper sleep, but whatever’s worrying you won’t let you get proper rest! Well, the good people of Nemuriale have developed this fantastic device for people just like you who’ve been having trouble dropping off or just want to calm down for a bit. Just turn on the Nemuriale device and it will continue to let out a gentle beat for 20 minutes which is designed to get your breathing and heartbeat rhythm back in line so you’ll feel nice and relaxed. This super-cute version comes with an adorable puppy cover resembling a Miniature Stafford. Perfect for use at home or while travelling, the Nemuriale and this super-cute little cover are sure to make your sleepy times as relaxing as possible.

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November 02 2014

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ok u kno what screw tumble
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